Vegan Perfume Oil Sweet Citrus

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Sweet Citrus perfume oil is Organic Jojoba oil, infused with the scents of Bergamot Mint, sweet Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lemongrass Essential Oils. Grapefruit scents have been proven to make women look 5 years younger to men when polled. Who couldn't use a little help?

These are packaged in black glass bottles with roller ball tops to protect the oil quality. Sunlight is degrading to many essential oils. You will receive .33 fluid ozs. in each bottle


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    Lovely fragrance

    Posted by Andi on 13th Jun 2017

    I purchased the sample pack of perfumes to give TANF's versions a try. I'm an infrequent perfume-wearer, but I really love citrus scents. While I like all of their scents, the sweet citrus is my favorite. It has such a nice balance of citrus scents. My only wish it that it would last longer than a few hours. Even so, I'm definitely buying a full-sized version. This is a great perfume for perfume-haters!

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    pretty & bright

    Posted by Jessica on 15th Jan 2017

    This citrus scent perks me up! It's loses its scent quickly but that's to be expected because it's natural and in a jojoba oil instead of alcohol. I also put some on the end of my hair sometimes. It's a really pretty scent!