What does Awaiting Shipment mean on my order?

This means that we have printed your order and are in the process of packing it.  We make all of our products right here from the raw materials and most stuff is made to order.  It can take us at least 3 days, occassionaly longer, to ship your package.  Of course some stuff will ship same day.  If you are in a hurry please let us know.

Why hasnt my package shipped yet?

see above answer:)

How do I choose a shade?

We offer a reasonably priced sampler of the foudantion and many other sampels here:


We do not sample our liquid or cream foundations.  These items are made to order. 

Why didn't my whole order ship?  Where is the missing item?

We try to ship partial shipments if it is going to take a couple of days to get something made.  We note this on your invoice or in the case of international orders, we include a note.

What is a good skincare regimine for your using your products?

Cleanse with the Face Foods, Tone with our toners, moisturize with our Daily Moisturizer. 

What is the best application for your cream foudantions?

Use our beauty blending sponge  https://theallnaturalface.com/beauty-blending-sponge/,   squeeze all the water out of it, dab foundation onto your face with your finger in various areas.  Blend in with the sponge for a flawless finish.

What is the best application for your powder foundations?

Our Fix it spray  https://theallnaturalface.com/fix-it-eyeshadow-eyeliner-spray-sealant-aIf you want to conceal under the foundation spary a shadow brush with the spray, dunk in the foundation, and spot conceal under your foundation.  Then apply foundation with a kabuki brush and mist your face with the fix-it spray.  You can also spray your kabuki before dunking your brush in the foundation for thicker cvoerage.  You can also use the fix-it spray for an eyeshadow primer or mix it with the shadows for a wet liner.