Why Choose Natural?

Why the natural approach to makeup?


We live in a toxic world.  For many years people have been switching to cleaner, healthier lifestyles.  The focus has been on healthy eating. Now people are starting to realize just how much chemical junk is in the stuff they use on their bodies and in their homes.  A new awareness is starting to take place.  If you try so hard to keep healthy non-chemical things OUT of your body…why on earth would you put them ON your body?  The average woman puts over 100 chemicals on her body before breakfast.  Our bodies absorb 65% of the stuff we put on it!  There is a new awareness that not everything on the shelf is good for you.  For years people have thought “But they wouldn’t sell it if it was not good for you…would they?”  Consumers are becoming more aware of the fact that big companies are really looking at the bottom line and not the consumers.

We here, at The All Natural Face, care more about our customers than we do the bottom line.  Our mission is to provide you with truly pure cosmetics.  We use the purest form available for each ingredient in our products.   We use organic whenever possible...but do not throw around words for sales like a lot of companies do.  The word Vegan is used on tons of products.  All that really means is that it doesn’t contain animal products.  If you are striving for purely vegan products please read the labels carefully.  Just because it is vegan does not mean they can’t put chemicals in there…just not those derived from animal sources.  For all you  vegans out there….did you know that carmine is ground up little red bugs!? They grow on cactus plants and are boiled and dried to create the carmine.  Love that tube of bright red lipstick?  Read the label.  If it contains carmine….that is what you are ingesting. OR...it could be red # whatever...synthetic lake dyes....remember the red M & M scare:)  To bring that a little more into the light….the average woman ingests 6-10 lbs of lipstick over their lifetime.  Yummy, huh?  Wouldn’t you rather know that the lip products you are using are not going to be gross and harmful to your body?  Ingesting products made by The All Natural Face won’t hurt you!  Not that I suggest eating them, but you could!  They are made from the purest ingredients possible.

When formulating a new product we try to take it down to its basic elements.  What do we want this product to do?  What NEEDS to be in it to make that happen.  We then formulate from there, making stuff from its purest, simplest forms.  We then test it on human guinea pigs…no animal testing here!  Our products and raw materials are not tested on animals.  We actually volunteer, rescue, and support a local animal shelter.  We are all about little furry things here!

Tired of major label cosmetics breaking out your skin or worse?  You won’t find that here!  Our customers write us every day telling us how much our products have improved the quality of their skin, helped their troubled skin, and downright just changed their lives as they became more beautiful and confident.  Many people have converted from Bare Minerals, Everyday Minerals, Bare Escentuals, Physicians Formula, and many, many more.  The secret is that we use pure natural ingredients here.  No, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, talc, carmine, silk powder, d &c lake dyes, just to mention a few!  

Tired of natural products that don’t work?  You won’t get that here!  Everything is tested before it leaves our door!  We want to make sure you are thrilled with the quality of our products.  You no longer need to settle for good enough to obtain natural beauty.  If you are ever unsatisfied with a product, just let us know and we will make it right!