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Introducing Our New Cream Foundation!

The formula for the Cream Foundation has been reformulated!

A lot of folks have asked and we listened. The other formula was dense and had dense coverage. With the new formula you won't lose any of the coverage but the application is much creamier and feels just wonderful!

Now you can get your foundation color in a great cream pot! Offered in every color of foundation. Incredibly easy to travel with, fits in your purse or pocket! Never leave home without it!

This pot has replaced the stick. The pot makes for easier application and the formula is now a little creamier. Comes in a 10 gram pot or a 20 gram pot. Each pot also has a puff for application.

The foundation can be used as a concelaear or as a foundation. You get fantastic coverage with this formula!

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil,candelillia wax, mica, oxides, tuitanium dioxide and zinc oxide(sunscreens)

If you are using the powder version now, to find your color in a cream or liquid foundation add a little lotion to the powder to get the right color.  When we make the cream or liquid it darkens the pigments you could go down a shade shade from the powder.  This is not always the case however, so try this before ordering the cream or liquid foundations:)


  • 5

    Posted by Hillary on 7th Apr 2021

    Love the coverage, love that it's vegan, and the fact that it matches my skin so well! Thank you so much for improving my face game

  • 5

    Posted by Jessica on 29th Aug 2020

    I have been using this product for years. It makes my skin feel nourished and gives it a natural glow. It never makes your skin feel dirty or weighed down. I LOVE it!!

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    cream foundation

    Posted by Christine on 8th Jul 2020

    I've been using this cream foundation for a while now and I really like it. It goes on smooth and it's easy to blend. If my face looks a little oily I just dab it a bit with a tissue and I'm good to go!

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    Cream foundation pot

    Posted by Toniya Crowley on 7th Jul 2020

    Medium coverage, but very creamy and buildable. Gives a nice Dewy natural look.

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    Great for extra sensitive skin

    Posted by Sarah on 3rd Jul 2020

    This is the only makeup I've found that doesn't make my eczema flare up that has good coverage. Thank you!! Please don't ever stop selling it! :-)

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    Cream foundation pot

    Posted by Sage on 4th Mar 2020

    I really love this product. As someone with a glycerin allergy it’s really hard to find a good foundation that I won’t be allergic to. This foundation is really light weight and is very buildable it’s also pretty easy to blend out and sits nicely on my face all day long.

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    Cream foundation

    Posted by Robin on 5th Jan 2020

    Really enjoying this product blends very nice , will be purchasing again and love the price point very nice value.

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    Cream Foundation Pot

    Posted by Carroll on 23rd Jul 2019

    I ordered two shades b/c I wasn't sure which was going to be the best match for my skin. I am very fair and need a light-feeling foundation. I also have Celiac, and have had a hard time finding a GF foundation that was right. The Cream Foundation Pot is PERFECT. I am glad I ordered both the ivory rose and porcelain rose, because I was able to use the one that was a touch "darker" in the summer when I did have a bit of color to my face. I am SO PLEASED with the products. YAY For the All Natural Face!

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    How to Apply

    Posted by Ellie on 10th Apr 2019

    This is probably TANF's highest coverage, smoothest, and longest lasting foundation product. I will say, for me, there is only one way to apply it well (without streaking, dragging/pilling, or patchniess), and that is with warm, dry, very clean, fingers. I've tried brushes, poufs, and sponges of all kinds... and I can say, without the body heat of fingers, it just doesn't melt into the skin like a second skin. It's also fairly dewy-- without being shiny. With any powder (even good powder), especially given my troubled and prematurely ageing skin, I do get a little bit of bumpiness. Or I guess I should say, the slightly bumpy texture of my skin is accentuated and it can be cakey (when more coverage is needed), or cake into lines. This is the only product that doesn't do that! But in order for it to be perfectly smooth, I have to scrape some out of the pot, then melt/rub/blend it gently into my skin, working in quadrants (forehead, one cheek, then the other, etc.). Like a thick cream. And finally, for conceal-like coverage, I swirl my finger into the pot to melt the product, until I've picked up an opaque layer, then I dab it on gently over spots and under eyes. Perfectly creamy. This gives the most seamless finish I've ever seen. And with patting an additional layer or two over troubled areas, it can even cover scarring. However, one other thing I've noticed is that it rubs off immediately if not set and sealed. I was wearing it unset and unsealed one day, forgot, and leaned my forehead against the back of my hand for one second. Which caused a big smear. The hotter the day, the more it dabs/rubs/runs off easily. I've found Angel Wings veil doubles as a good setting powder.