Wedding Day Vegan Mineral Glow

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Here it is, the much awaited glow collection. As in all things The All Natural Face We can't make just ONE COLOR. So you have a choice of 7! Or at this price, you can pick your color for your mood of the day. Wedding Day is the perfect, just there glow. This is the kind of glow you have on your wedding day. Just a little pink, just a little spark, just the right glow. Glow is used several ways, you can use it as a light blush, alone without foundation, over foundation, as shadow, or on your lips. As with all minerals, they are safe for application anywhere on the face yes including lips! Add them to nail polish to make your own color! Have a glowing day!

Ingredients:Mica,zinc oxide,magnesium myristate,oxides


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    Wedding Day Vegan Mineral Glow

    Posted by Samantha on 18th Dec 2022

    I use this Glow all over my face to even out my skin tone, diffuse any marks, and highlight. Especially around my nose/upper lip, lower jawbone, and forhead. I use this instead of any foundation, followed by another color or two of Glow (usually Desert Sand and/or Pale Rose) on my cheeks and cheekbones, top of nose, ect. I finish with some spritzes of rosewater to "set" it and help it melt into my skin. It leaves a natural but refined finish that I absolutely adore. I also use this Wedding Day color dabbed on my inner corners of eyes to brighten them. A little goes a long way (like all of the Glows)!

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    Good product

    Posted by Claire on 14th Jul 2022

    This gives a very subtle highlight for me (my skin is lighter neutral).

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    Wedding day

    Posted by Elizabeth Wolfe on 27th Mar 2020

    I got this completely on a whim I wasn't sure I could use it at all when I ordered it but it was the first thing I needed to reorder. I use this as a bronzer, (yep. I'm that pale.) as blush, as a base eyeshadow, and as a base for brighter cheek colors. On me, most blushes get very dark very fast, and layering them over some of the paler glows gives me a very soft flush to build on. I'm on my second container.

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    Subtle Blush

    Posted by Ellie on 10th Apr 2019

    Actually, the way this worked on me surprised me. In retrospect I wish I had gotten pale rose too (if I knew I was going to use it the way I do now). I'm one of those people with very yellow/olive skin tones-- not a hint of pinks or oranges in my undertone whatsoever. I also really don't like blush much. Which is not great when I end up looking quite pallid and sallow thanks to allergies and poor skin quality, etc. Even after using foundation, my skin can look dull and flat... so I really do need to use a blush to look lively/healthy. Yet I always struggle... either I can't see it, or, more likely, it ends up so bright I look like I was punched in the cheeks. Somehow I can't really get that perfect medium of warmth. Turns out, on my skin tone, Wedding Day glow is the perfect, super subtle blush I was always looking for. The slight lavender/violet/ashy pink tone of it makes for the perfect hint of barely-there flush, and the good news is I can put pretty much however much I want on my cheeks and never end up with too much blush on, or too dark a color! It's also very light, sheer, and super blendable, in that it doesn't cake on top of foundation or accentuate a bumpy skin texture. I don't have to constantly worry that I look like a clown either.

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    perfect every day makeup

    Posted by Addy on 27th Jun 2018

    This glow is possibly my favorite product I’ve ever purchased. Seriously. I recently had my second bout with perioral dermatitis and was advised to switch to all natural makeup (I didn’t use low quality stuff before; just had potential irritants in it) and so I started with a few other brands but then I found all natural face and I am so thankful I did! I went ham during the 25% off sale and ordered a lot of things; including a full size of this. I was concerned when I first swatched it but now I am absolutely obsessed. This is the most gorgeous natural glow and I use it on my cheekbones, nose, inner corner, etc anywhere you would highlight. I use it almost every day because it is so subtle (appears beigey on my skin, I wear the light beige pale foundation) and easy for every day makeup. Thank you so so much all natural face for making products that don’t irritate my dermatitis (it is since gone and has not come back!) please don’t ever stop making this glow!!

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    subtle glow

    Posted by leannb on 25th Apr 2017

    Was expecting more shimmer but this is a nice subtle highlight

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    nice finishing powder

    Posted by melany on 15th May 2016

    It does give somewhat of a glow I guess. I like it as a finishing powder . I guess I wanted more of a highlighter.

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    Great highlighting powder

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2015

    Lovely finishing powder for dry and rather pale skin. Not glittery or icy, rather a fine dewy glow.

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    Favorite product

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2015

    This is my favorite product! I was a little scared at first because I thought it was going to make me very pale. It is the perfect glow though! Everyone compliments my skin tone when I wear it!