Vegan Oily Lid Eyeshadow Primer in Dark Buff

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YES we have all been waiting patiently for this!!!! It is ready! This stuff rocks the house! It stays on forever! I developed this exclusively for oily eyelids but you dont have to have oily lids for this to work if you just want to use it for the dark buff color. It is not made with drying ingredients so it will not dry out your lidsNUT FREE!This primer is also made a buff color to give the shadows a little more umph This dark buff color will deepen the shade of your shadows It gives you a dark cream base to work off ofThe primer is applied to your lid ( or under eye) before you put on your eyeshadow/liner. Then apply as you normally would but it gives you the freedom to play a little more as you can bold up the color and blend much more easily and distinctly. Be careful not to use too much or too little. Apply with a shadow brush or your finger.This is a completely different look than my sealant. the sealant gives you a wet applies look this is more muted and not wet looking. This is a cream base.This is a full 5 gram jar! It will last forever!Minerals are wonderful! this little jar means you can apply any of these minerals anywhere eyes eyeliner brow lips oh the the colors are endless: )Have a blast!..I did! hehe

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Candelilia Wax, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Boron Nitride, Oxides

Here is a wonderful story from a wonderful cusotmer:):

Hi there!  I just wanted to share a story with you.
I've been using your eye primer for quite awhile now.  This was the second batch I bought.  I only wear makeup once in awhile, so it lasts me quite a good time.  I swear up and down on that primer!
My grandfather passed away over the holiday season and as you can imagine, there were lots of tears and I stepped into the bathroom to clean up.  When I wiped my face clean and dry and looked into the mirror, I just started laughing!
My eye makeup was PERFECT after tears, and water, and hugs, and all sorts of things.
It was quite wonderful to get a laugh on that day and I just wanted to thank you.
I first bought your primer a couple years back, I believe, under a different account.  I'll NEVER switch!
I'm glad to recommend your store and products any day!


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    Posted by Madilyn on 11th Sep 2018

    I compared this to Sephora's brand eyeshadow primer, and what I remember from Urban Decay's equivalent, and I like this better. I realize it may not blend well for every skin tone, but for me it's absolutely perfect. I've even worn it by itself to cover up the veins on my see-through eyelids, it's basically a concealer in that respect. It sets a nice base, goes on smooth, stays ALL day. I'm literally never going back to Urban Decay, this is better.

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    love this

    Posted by Missy on 29th Dec 2017

    I experimented with using this as an under eye concealer and I'm glad I did--the reddish brown undertones of this cover up the deep blue hue of my under eye area and also it's non greasy so it stays on without creasing.

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    Better than some...but

    Posted by Cindy Nevarez on 20th Oct 2017

    I live in AZ. Make up just slides off most people here. I'm on a constant search for cruelty-free stuff that doesn't do that. This primer is OK, but not the miracle I was looking for. I will maybe use it in the winter months. The color is good, though. Most primers are too light.

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    For Olive Tone Skin

    Posted by Katie Dykstra on 14th Sep 2017

    I bought this one over the other shade based on a review that said this one was superior. I really wish I would have bought the lighter shade. I ended up gicing this one to my mom. It is too yellow-y for my skin tone. I have blue/pink undertones....dark hair....lighter skin. My mom is more olive-y yellow.....Im sure she will like it better. I will say, if the color match would have been better, I liked everything else. It was not greasy, easy to pat on, seemed like it would last a long time ...not only for the day....but also for long term use...not having to buy it every month.

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    Brilliant; good colour for medium skin tones

    Posted by Jacqueline on 22nd Sep 2014

    I have extremely oily lids - they shine - and find this works very well for me. It seems dry but goes on quite smoothly and keeps my shadow on a lot longer. But the best bit is the colour: although slightly deep for my pale olive skin, it stops my eyeshadow looking a couple of shades lighter, as happens with most other primers. They now look true to colour in the pan. Highly recommend.

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    Perfect shade for olive skin

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2014

    This primer may look a little dark, but I found it the perfect shade for my medium skin with a strong olive undertone. A lot of primers are too light, and cause eyeshadow to look quite pale, but this matched my skin well. In fact, I can use it as concealer. It is quite dry-feeling, but pats onto the eyelid well and blends in to the skin seamlessly. I have extremely oily eyelids - I can't get shadow to last more than a few hours, and people can see the shine on my lids - but this helps it to last quite a bit longer.