Vegan Lip Gloss Bugless Red

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Got Tint? ehhhhh whats with the title? Do you really want to know .reallly? OK most red colored cosmetics contain carmine. What is carmine you ask??? Why it is dead dried cochineal bugs .And what are those you ask? Welllll ..think giant cockroaches yup dried up ground up bugs in your cosmetics on your lips and wellll in your tummy.. double ick! The other bright red achievable in cosmetics is from synthetic red lake dyes .yup think red m & msSO This is about as close as you come in red and it is a pretty shimmery red..Vegan Like that little story oh you really dont want to know what I know hehe Buy your cosmetics here and you wont need to think about nasties in them This is a great lip gloss..shiny not sticky and colorful! This is not flavored. It is shiny vibrant and RED. This is a mica based gloss so it is full of sparkle AND COLOR: ) My lippie line is all about color! The packaging is absolutely wonderful on this one! It comes in a PLASTIC bottle with a doe tip applicator no breakage or heavy stuff rolling around in your makeup bag or pocket! It is a generous 13ml vial ( .43 oz.)

Ingredients:Cold pressed castor oil,Candelillia wax,Mica,Oxides


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    Perfect shade

    Posted by Patricia H. on 21st Oct 2019

    Bugless Red is the perfect shade of red for me. A “classic” red lipstick color washes me out something awful, and makes me feel like I’m in costume. Colors that are more neutral just seem to look like my own lips. This is a midpoint between the two that is wearable, while still adding color. I love it! It’s also not thick and sticky like some glosses on the market, which is a huge plus.

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    Love it!

    Posted by Shelly on 31st Dec 2015

    I was really pleasantly surprised by this lip gloss! The color is fantastic and the gloss feels way more moisturizing than other lip glosses I have. Will definitely order more!

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    Go Bugless

    Posted by Alyssa on 22nd Oct 2014

    This was one of the first products I tried from The All Natural Face. I absolutely love this gloss! It goes on smooth, not gloopy, chunky, or sticky at all...and the best news? Red with no carmine! It is shimmery but not sparkly or glittery. If you want a subtle deep-red lipgloss this is the one for you.

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    Value for money

    Posted by Uraiwan Keodara on 12th Mar 2014

    I've probably bought at least 50 All Natural Face products to date, and in my opinion, the lip glosses are value for money and are the best of the all the products I've tried from here. The 'bugless red' isn't a bright red, but more of a dark red, which I don't mind. For this shade to stand out, I recommend using it with a red lip liner.

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    This is the red you have been looking for!

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Mar 2014

    This red gloss is the BEST! It can go on lightly, or more heavily - you can create the impact you want. It makes you lips feel soft and smooth. It can be used alone or over another color. It is THE BEST color ever! I have warm toned skin and hair - and it is perfect for me. My friend is more cool in her coloring and it looks great on her as well. And all of the above are why I say it THE BEST! Thank you!

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    I'm not a lipgloss wearer....

    Posted by Angela Lindow on 24th Dec 2013

    But I love this lipgloss :) I also rarely wear lipstick and never, ever red, but I love this! It's not a cherry red, it's kind of bronzey red. It's not sticky like most lipglosses. The color is great and it goes on smooth and light. Might have to apply it more often but I don't mind that at all as I *hate* sticky stuff on my lips.