Vegan Hanukkah Gift Box Everything You Need to Go Green AND a Wooden DreidelFrom theallnaturalface

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Vegan Mineral Makeup Pack
Everything you need to gift the gift of green for the holidays
Executive Pack
This is a complete kit to gift someone to get started green for the new year. This kit features samples of everything someone needs to find the right colors and full sizes for those things that they personally do not have to choose.
This gift box also includes an extra special surprise Each gift box will include a Wooden Dreidel.
Legend tells that dreidels were first spun in the second century B.C.E. by the Maccabees, a clan of Jews living under the harsh reign of Syrian king Antiochus IV, who had decreed that the study of the Torah -- a practice paramount to Jewish spiritual life -- was punishable by death. Whenever Maccabees gathered to discuss religious matters, they put a dreidel on the table and spun it boisterously if any authorities passed by, creating the illusion that they were simply wagering on a game of chance. There was some irony to this subterfuge, as the Torah forbids gambling. Eventually the Maccabees overthrew their oppressors and held a ceremony to rededicate their temple.
Please make sure the recipients name and address are in notes to seller and I will do all the mailing. Gift Boxes get priority mailing and also go to the head of the pack for shipping. If this is a domestic order it will be mailed priority mail and if it is international it will be First Class International. If you are ordering internationally please allow sufficient time for the gift box to reach your intended. Keep in mind that the closer we get to the holidays the longer it can take to arrive due to volume at the PO Please order early!
Here is what they get:
* A huge selection of foundation samples. Please let me know if you would like a fair to medium selection or a med to dark selection. I will send enough samples so they are sure to find their shade.
* Vegan buffer brush
* Vegan Black Mascara
* Vegan Liquid Eyeliner ( you can choose color or leave it up to us
* Two Vegan Lip Glosses ( you can choose colors or leave it up to us
* Vegan All Over Facial Concealer in Midas in 30 gram container
* Samples of all the blushes
* Vegan Blush Brush
* Samples of all Concealers
* Samples of all Glows
* Samples of all Veils
* Samples of all Bronzers
* 20 samples of eyehsadow
* All 3 Vegan Eye Brushes: shadow, bent tip, bent angle
* 1 oz bottle Fix- It spray
* 1 oz. bottle of Seal- It sealant
Comes in a white box with blue tissue paper and silver metallic shred and includes a gift tag with To: and From: included.
Wow! what a way to say Happy Hanukkah