Vegan Eye Shadow Concealer Brush with Slanted Tip

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What a fantastic addition to our brush collection.  This brush is the perfect all around application brush.  It has a slanted tip so you can use it for the crease, thin lines , name it!  The angle of this brush allows you to get right in there for that hard to get application:)  Love Love Love this brush.  Of course it is vegan and bamboo!  We have all of our brushes made for us to our exceptionally high standards!  You will love this brush...and it is super soft of course! 

Synthetic brushes are preferred for wet applications.  They stand up to repeated washing and immersion in wet product environments much better than hair brushes do.  You are sure to get years of enjoyment from this little beauty:)


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    great for filling in thick eyebrows

    Posted by Jackie on 19th Dec 2014

    i received this brush included in a set off all the concealers, and originally I never bothered to use it because i thought i wouldn't like it better than my other brushes; but it's become my favorite brush for contouring my nose, applying TANF powder concealer and for filling in my thick eyebrows. It's really perfect for filling in brows (on the thicker side) with powder because it's stiff enough that the bristles don't move and flick powder all over your eyes and it's the perfect width for easy application. It's also the right density for a really even application so it seriously cuts down the time of my brow routine. i've had this brush for about 6 months now and washed it plenty of times without it shedding or getting gross so it's an all around good brush, especially for 6 bucks

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    I like this brush...

    Posted by Cindy on 4th Nov 2014

    I have no other brushes like this, so was curious how it handled. My other brushes are either too bulky, or too small. I've used them only twice, but I like the extra control they offer. I will probably try different things like using them as a liner brush with wet eyeshadow. That might be a nice change.