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The much awaited brow powders are here A few folks have been bugging me for these you know who you are heheThese are 5 gram jars that hold approximately 2 grams once the sifter seal is inserted. This is a heavily pigmented powder You an use it as an eyeliner/eyeshadow too but know that it is heavily pigmented in other words it isnt going anywhere without washing it off hehe The brow wax  available individually will keep the powder in place, keep your brows in place, and keep the color on You can also mix these powders say you need it a little darker or a little lighter mix them.oh and have fun! I have a few more brow ideas up my sleeve yet to comestay tuned

Ingredients:Mica,Titanium dioxide,Oxides,Brown nitride


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    Love the auburn brow powders

    Posted by Cathy Mainardi on 11th Dec 2020

    These do go quite well with red hair, and they cover a couple of gray eye brow hairs, as well.

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    Ginger brows

    Posted by Brittany on 29th Nov 2019

    I have strawberry blonde hair and was frustrated with the lack of options that had much red in them, I came across this in a desperate search to find a clean brow fill of any sort for redheads. It seems the only ones made are by companies who add all sorts of crap to their products or don't even list the ingredients online (I'm looking at you How to Be a Redhead). Anyway, I immediately ordered the auburn brow kit. I found that the light auburn came out a bit to pink for me, and the dark auburn came out TOO red (but it's a gorgeous color). So I came back and ordered both the light and dark blonde. I have, in the past preferred a darker brow, which of course, was always a dark blonde color. With some playing around I have found that light blonde with the teeny, tiniest bit of dark auburn over the top of it is a near perfect match for my hair, which is definitely red, but has a lot of blonde in it as well. I think the dark auburn would be a perfect match for dark gingers, and the color is so pretty it almost made me wish I had darker red hair. Neither one is too terribly orange, or unnatural looking. Thanks you, All Natural Face, for having some redhead brow fills! I'm super excited and have been exploring a lot of other products here as a result.

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    Perfect pigment, long lasting

    Posted by Lilah on 15th Jul 2019

    It blends perfectly into my brows and does not move for at least a day (24h+) with the wax. I use it as eyeliner too and for gently defining my lower lash line. I've been using it and other TANF for 5 years and can't recommend it enough! My first small jar of brow wax has lasted that 5 years; I'm finally starting a new one.

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    Works Great

    Posted by Angela S. on 16th Mar 2019

    It works great along with the brow wax!

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    Great product

    Posted by Charlotte Hultquist on 28th Oct 2018

    I’ve tried using brown eye shadow for my brows but needed something lighter. This is really natural for my light brown hair with red tones. It’s a bit too yellow compared to my brows, but it works great because it makes my eyes pop!

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    staying power is incredible

    Posted by Taylor Beaton on 19th Jul 2017

    I wish I could give this a 5 stars. It stays put so well! But unfortunately the light brown was too dark and the dark blonde was too yellow tinted. So I mixed some of the dark blonde with my powdered cocoa eyeshadow and it works great!

  • 5
    Best brow powder I have ever used!

    Posted by Kathleen Klik on 6th Apr 2017

    I absolutely love the Vegan Mineral Brow Powder! I have blonde hair but order the light brown to add definition to my brows and it does that beautifully and looks completely natural. I have one in my everyday makeup kit and one in my travel bag. Affordable and excellent quality!

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    amazing love this product !!

    Posted by Nat on 8th Feb 2017

    I have spots of missing brows in certain areas and this product works like a charm provides great coverage. great product, it's vegan which is a must for me! great price, can't ask for anything more. Maybe waterproof? lol

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    Perfect as an Eyeliner

    Posted by Lindsay on 26th Nov 2016

    I use this product as an eyeliner. I am very picky about my eyeliners, I like them to be 100% black and 100% matte. I have very sensitive eyes, which is why I wanted to try this powder, and it does not upset my eyes at all. I like the powder by itself for a softer, smokey liner look, but if I want more of a defined, "liquid" eyeliner look, I'll take a face mist (I use rosewater, but any face mist would work, or even a little bit of water) and spray my eyeliner brush before dipping it into the pigment, and this technique gives results very similar to a more conventional liquid liner.