Vegan All Over Facial Concealer in Patina

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So, do you love Benefits Bluff Dust? Here is a great healthy alternative. We compared them side by side while making this.  If you like the patina concealer, you will love this. Instead of using a concealer brush to apply concealer this allows you overall face coverage. Also this concealer does not contain any white meaning it can be used alone without foundation, under foundation, on top of foundation, during the day, whenever! It is a translucent powder that just applies pigment to the skin to cover redness, sort of like a bronzer but it conceals. This is a great new product! Its jar holds about 9 grams of concealer. The jar comes with a little puff for application of the concealer. We do not weigh our jars. We stuff them to the top! Translation: You get more product! If you have questions please contact us!

Ingredients are mica boron oxides for color. Our makeup does NOT include those things most folks are sensitive to in commercial products such as, bismuth talc or dyes.


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    Concealer in Patina

    Posted by Theresa White on 14th Jul 2018

    I love this concealer, a little goes a long way and it really works!

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    covers up inflamed cystic acne amazingly

    Posted by Elizabeth on 6th Mar 2017

    I have used the regular Patina concealer that came in my sample kit I ordered a while ago, but this stuff is AWESOME. I disagree with being able to wear it without foundation because I know I wouldn't be able to, but I am seriously pale. I have bad cystic acne that is normally red and inflamed and this covers up every single bit of redness on my face without looking obvious. And buddy, let me tell you, you can cake this stuff on and it still not look bad. I will never stop buying this! PS My foundation shade is Almond Goddess if you're wondering if the Patina will work for you.

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    pretty good

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Mar 2015

    I'm pretty happy with this product. It doesn't entirely cover the redness on my face but its still awesome. Its very soft and doesn't cake up. I use it as a primer then the color powder then the oil absorbing powder.

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    Patina all over facial concealer

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2015

    I like this product, I use it everyday! I use it on its own, I don't put any cover up on over it since the only uneven issue my face has is the redness. I have a very red complexion and have always been jealous of people that seem to have that perfectly porcelain fair skin. It's not a dramatic coverage and I definitely still have days my face feels a little red, but over all it's the perfect little fix to help me feel more confident! Tip for first time users: I do find it takes a little while for it to properly set on my skin, wait a few minutes for all the excess powder to settle. I always feel I look really green and powdery but within a few minutes it's hard to tell I'm wearing anything :)

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    I use it every day

    Posted by Laura on 16th Apr 2014

    I liked the patina concealer to cover my redness but I don't use foundation very often, and the patina concealer need to be used under foundation because of its white undertone. This forumula, as said on the "description" box, don't have that white undertone so I use it everyday with no foundation and it doesn't leave my skin "white" like the usual patina concealer. It covers redness really well but of course it's not a foundation so it doesn't leave you with perfect skin. I really love it!!