Tangerine Vegan Lip Exfolient 1 oz Jar

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Like Laura Mer ..you know who's lip silk? Well, this is a better vegan version of the same thing with no chemicals.

After researching what really works and what should be in a lip exfolient my formula was born. I don''t copy formulas I invent them

Here''s what we have in here and what it does

Organic Raw Turbinado Cane Sugar: Exfolient and source of Glycolic Acid. Active ingredient in Laura M''s.

Organic Jojoba Oil: mimics skins natural sebum deep moisturizer. Non -greasy.

Squalane Oil: This is an awesome wrinkle fighter. I sell and use this alone for that very purpose no better place for it than on your kisser to keep those lip lines at bay very deep intense moisturizer non greasy

White Willow Bark: natural exfolient and contains salicylic acid ( do not use if you have an aspirin allergy) It also is an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, and has analgesic properties. Active ingredient in Laura M''s.

Bamboo: Natural Exfolient. Bamboo soothes and repairs the lips.

Citric Acid: Antioxidant and adjusts skins natural Ph. Natural Sugar exfoliates Active ingredient in Laura M''s

Tangerine Essential Oil for the yummy factor


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    Could Eat for Breakfast

    Posted by Abigail on 7th Apr 2019

    I was thrilled to get this full size container as a gift with my order! A lip scrub is not something I usually think of as essential but it's SO SO nice! It's a little different getting it out of the jar because it is not creamy, (basically like scooping out wet sugar) but it's not a big deal, goes on very moisturizing and exfoliating all at once AND you only need a tiny bit. It tastes sweet and citrusy and left my lips feeling amazing!

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    Posted by Lizzy on 12th Jun 2017

    I have used other lip buffers and sugar scrubs before and none of them were nearly as effective. This has become part of my regular skin regiment I work in a really hot environment and believe me lip balm alone is not enough.

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    Gentle yet effective!

    Posted by Savannah Kindle on 7th Oct 2016

    I received this as a sample along with the lip samples. I LOVE IT. It doesn't sting or burn or scrape, yet it works perfectly! :) (And I have sensitive skin, so that's saying a lot!) My lips are always wonderfully smooth after. I've also used it occasionally on my entire face when I felt like I needed a "face peel." (Also on shoulders to get rid of nasty black heads and acne.) Excellent exfolient, smells great, tastes great, very gentle, also great at removing acne. And despite having a small amount, it will last forever!! I only need to scrape out a tiny amount with the back of my thumb nail when I use it. Definitely recommend!

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    Soft lips!

    Posted by Rosa on 20th Aug 2015

    I received this as a gift with my order, at first I was like wait I didn't get this did they make a mistake? But I'm so glad they gave it to me as a gift. I never thought about exfoliating my lips, but after using this I realized I was missing out. This exfolient makes my lips very soft and I love using it. It also has a very good tangerine smell.

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    Sweet lips!

    Posted by Wendy on 18th Apr 2014

    I like the lip exfoliate very much. I wish it came with instructions, though. I know I'm not supposed to eat it, but is it dangerous if ingested? Do I do it at night before I go to sleep? Do I do it in the morning before my lipstick?

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    Posted by Alyssa on 18th Apr 2014

    I received this as an extra "gift" with my order, and I am so glad I did! This stuff feels and smells amazing! I have to be honest...I didn't just use it for my lips. When I was in the shower, I would use it as a face scrub also! The small granules of sugar really helped exfoliate everything. My face and lips were so soft!

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    Good stuff!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2014

    It has been a particularly heinous winter in my neck of the woods (well everywhere actually) and this stuff has been great for getting rid of my chapped lips. Leaves my lips smooth and soft and it smells delicious too! This jar should last a while because you only need a little bit.

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    Gentle exfoliant

    Posted by Fleur Ecarlate on 9th Mar 2014

    I love this exfoliant so much that I use it on my whole face, not just lips (I love multitask products :)) It leaves my skin very soft and moisturized. And it's so yummy too, I want to eat it!

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    Surprisingly awesome

    Posted by Jennifer Wang on 9th Mar 2014

    Received two bonus jars of this exfoliant with my last order (thank you!). Was a bit hesitant to try since it seemed messy and strangely coloured, but after trying I LOVED it! I gave the other pot to my sister and she was pleasantly surprised too. It has a beautifully strong citrus smell with a nice sweet taste, and leaves my lips feeling (and looking!) smooth and soft almost instantly. I'd be happy to use this daily before applying balm or lippy, as it doesn't stain and is easy to rinse off (plus, it's yum!). If you don't like citrus-ey stuff, this is probably not for you. However, if you ARE a fan, consider treating your lips with this stuff~ I'd love to see a coconut version of this -- I'd eat it out of the jar!!!