Raw Sugar Scrubs

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We use the Raw Organic Turbinado Sugar in this.  Sugar has healing and hydrating properties. It is also an exfoliant, so it removes dead flaky skin and opens pores.  The oil in the formula moisturizes your skin.  Take a scoop and scrub your body with it before getting out of the shower but after you have bathed.  Avoid cuts and abrasions as the salt will sting.  Towel off and your skin will be soft as a baby's butt. Do keep the sugar dry and do not expose it to water.  This formula does not need preservatives as it doesn't contain water.  Because of the oil in the formula this listing comes with a warning.

The scrubs are scented with natural essential oils..EXCEPT for the Cinnamon Baklava.  That is a fragrance oil and the smell is very intoxicating.


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    Amazingly pleasant

    Posted by Kristy on 4th May 2015

    The raw sugar scrubs are excellent. They take off the days makeup and grime without stripping your face of its own essential oils. It won't dry out your face and leaves it feeling refreshingly clean. The lovely scent I chose, cinnamon orange makes this scrub even ever so pleasant. I am a fully satisfied customer!

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    Amazing product

    Posted by Geraldine de Thore on 14th May 2014

    The scent is delicious, the scrub is very efficient. An amazing product I use with coconut oil on dry skin, then I wash it of. I never tried it on my face because I think it may be a little harsh but for my body it's perfect.