Pressed Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - Scarlet Shimmer

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This is about as red as it gets in the natural world. Most shades of red are made from synthetic dyes or the cochineal bug, yes, BUGS.  These bugs are harvested in South America primarily. They are boiled and additives are added to the "bug juice" to extract the red coloring. Just a sidetone, the average american women eats 6-10 pounds of lipstick a year. ICK!

Scarlet Shimmer is a beautiful shade of red. It is not the over the top fake red you get from the above, but is a deep blue red. Red goes with so much, and can be used to accentuate other colors. Use it with browns, golds, pinks and purples. It is really flexible and goes with most colors. It is a slight shimmer that can be played up or played down for whatever shimmer effect you are going after.

Here, Nadine is wearing Scarlet Shimmer on her lower lid, and Iridescent Sparkle on her upper lid.

We strive to keep our products pure, so you won't see any irritating ingredients you want to avoid in most commercial mineral makeup.

Pressed vegan mineral eye shadow in a 26mm pan.  No compact is included.  We offer an empty palette for use with our tins.   We strive to keep our products pure, so you wont see any irritating ingredients or the stuff you want to avoid that is in most commercial mineral makeup.

Mica makeup ingredients: Mica, Magnesium Myristate Boron Nitride Oxides, Coconut Oil, Organic 190 proof cane alcohol, not denatured .