Organic Vegan Lotion Bar Lush and Lovely

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Organic Vegan Lotion Bar - Lush and Lovely


Love Lush Lotion and massage bars???


You are going to love this even more:) WHY?  First, we use Natural Organic non-deodoraized Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter in this and nothing more!  Nice chocolate-y other scent is added.


Also...LUSH sells their bar $12.95 and it is only 1.7 ounces.  WE ARE GIVING YOU A FULL 3 OUNCE BAR and it is ONLY $9.95 !  Better ingredients, less expensive, AND HANDMADE by a female owned, U.S. business.  It doesn't get greener than that :)


These are FANATSTIC to use after a shower!  They sink right into your skin and moisturize.  Not greasy like a body butter yet awesomely moisturizing!  If you haven't tried a lotion bar after a just don't know what you are missing!


We also package these in a recyclable plastic cup.  LUSH sends their bars in paper...which is cool and alll...except they melt in transit all over the rest of your order.  You can keep these lotion bars in the cup they come in and either re purpose the cup or recycle it.  It also keeps your bar clean in the bathroom!

If ,by chance, they do melt a little in transit...simply melt the entire bar, pour back into the cup and immediately put into the fridge to cool.  By immediately cooling the lotion bar it will not form lumps:)


To apply....simply hold in your hand and rub all over your body...or someone else's:) 


You haven't lived until you have used a lotion bar immediately after a shower ! Pure heaven:)


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    Smells divine

    Posted by Nicole Hollenbeck on 14th Mar 2022

    This smells fantastic and works just as well! It has lasted a long time.

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    vegan lotion bar lush

    Posted by Beth O'Leary on 6th Jun 2020

    It goes on well after bathing or showering. Love the scent....not too strong.

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    Favorite product & Awesome for travel no spills

    Posted by Rachel Anderson on 11th Feb 2020

    Here’s the best way to use this: remove the lid and take a small pair of sharp scissors and trim off the top of the plastic container. The Shea bar will now be exposed about an inch or so. You can then grip the base of the cup with your hand and glide onto your body. So easy and SO AWESOME!!