Olive Warm Vegan Mineral Foundation

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#2 in the olive series. For those with a warm, slightly green/yellow undertone in their complexion. This is a warm/cool tone. This is slightly darker than olive pale.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide(sunscreens), Boron Nitride(mineral), Oxides(for color)


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    Basically perfect match!

    Posted by Cassie Montgomery on 17th Dec 2021

    I had a feeling this was the shade but bought the sample pack and asked for the olive shades to be added to try them all just in case, but this was the one no question. It’s hard to tell because there aren’t many swatches (I intend to post pictures of all shades searched on my arm numbered and labelled when I have the time) but this might be your shade of cool tones are too pink, warm tones are too orangey, and neutral just still looks off. Cool pale yellow looks slightly better but still not quite. Personally I’ve been adding green to my liquid foundation for a long time to get a closer match but I can’t stand not having a powder layer on top with or without liquid under. For reference, I am somewhere around a Mac NW5 I think in the liquid and NW15 in the powder. But to be honest, NW and NC both look wrong. Same with N or C or any other options Mac has. But hearing other mention this gave at least some frame of reference. I would have normally grabbed the palest olive because I’m the palest person I know but that one is literally almost white with a tinge of colour. I suppose it may match even slightly better if I added some to this warm olive shade but not enough for me to care or bother. I actually tried caking it on it a ridiculous way to see how much I could get on there before seeing a difference in shade between my skin and the foundation (normally the lightest dusting it obviously off) but even with what felt like an inch lon my face lol I could still not really see much deviation from my actual face. I find the consistency a wee bit chalky compared to my previous brand that went out of business recently, but it’s not a problem and doesn’t cause much of an issue and the shade match is so bang on that I will take that gladly and still give it 5 stars. And for what it’s worth- there were several shades that looked like they may match me based on the photos, but in real life oh man no.. just this shade. And also, the Warmer, warmest shades are darker than they look in pics of powder. And it’s easy to try and go for the pale one because we are so used to things never being light enough even on the lightest shade available, but not here. I would almost view Olive pale as a mixer to lighten The olive shades a tad. I don’t know who would actually be able to straight up wear that shade. Just bear that in mind. Anyway- try it- you won’t regret it!i

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    Olive Warm Powder

    Posted by Glenda C O'Brien on 16th Mar 2019

    As a redhead with freckles I never would have guessed my best shade would be Olive Warm! After decades of wearing shades from "porcelain" to "natural" and 'light beige" I realized by trying the samples from the All Natural Face that I was on the wrong path. I highly recommend you try a packet of samples to find the best shade for you, too. Regardless of what you choose, you will have the best quality with The All Natural Face. I have never received a product that wasn't worth MORE than what I paid for it!

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    Finally found my perfect match!

    Posted by Lauren Evans on 7th Feb 2018

    After maybe years of searching for my perfect foundation colour match, I thought I'd always have to mix some to get my shade, however, with this shade, I don't have to! It matches me perfectly! I have combo skin, and I find that this lasts me all day, doesn't cling to dry patches and doesnt break down during the day. It covers my acne scaring and dark undereyes very well. I also use this to set the cream pot foundation and I find it works beautifully to do so! It makes the cream pot last a little bit longer than just on its own.

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    Posted by becks on 26th Oct 2016

    I have experimented with different make ups for years and done research on healthier options. This product, along with all the others I have tried from all natural face, is above and beyond anything I have ever seen in a store, whether it be sephora's or CVS. It has a clean finish, great coverage without clogging the pores, and does not require other cosmetics to have a finished looked. I will admit as well, I am one to sometimes fall asleep in my make up after long nights out having fun - this is the only make up I have ever used that doesn't make my skin break out after the occassional falling asleep in it. Love it.

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    The best for olive skin

    Posted by Emelie on 22nd Jan 2015

    This is the only place i've found natural foundation in an olive tone and actually matches my skin tone! It makes my skin look very even and is gets rid of any oil or shine.