Powder Crystal Deodorant Unscented

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I have been working on this crystal based deodorant for quite sometime now It has gone through several incarnations and has now been perfected It is just like the crystal deodorants available in spray on form at the health food store the difference Mine contains Hydrosols instead of water. In other words its cleaner, nicer, and uses much more expensive ingredients! I will be adding to the scent line up as well Why does crystal stone deodorant work? Odor is caused by bacteria. Deodorants mask odor. My deoderants are made with natural mineral salts to prevent odor from happening in the first place. They actually neutralize the bacteria and prevent odor from occurring. What isnt in my deodorant? Aluminum chlorohydrate parabens and alcohol. ALUMINUM CHLOROHYDRATE which has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer disease. My deodorant contains Potassium Alum not to be confused with aluminum. Aluminum is a metal and regulated by the FDA in products used on the body. Alum is a naturally occurring mineral. Aluminum molecules can be absorbed into the body because they are small. Alum molecules are too large to be absorbed. Aluminum can accumulate in the brain over time and studies have shown that it may be linked to an increase in the chance of Alzheimers disease and breast cancer. It is also a neurotoxin that alters the function of the blood-brain barrier. You can use this anywhere you sweat My hubby uses it on his feet This will not prevent sweating! You want to sweat. It is your bodys way of releasing toxins. But it does stop odor dead in its tracks!
4 oz. bottle
cornstartch ,potassium alum


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    Powder deoderant

    Posted by Catherine Race-Kelly on 27th Dec 2019

    I love the roll on deoderant, but I recently started developing rashes under my arms. The dermatologist thought it had to do with it being warm and wet under my arms. So, I ordered the powder. It worked for 5 hours or so. My rash cleared up though! I think it would work well on a regular day, but on an active day, I don't think it would work as well.

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    powder deodorant

    Posted by Patty on 27th Sep 2018

    Awesome product that works when others failed!

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    As good as my crystal stone

    Posted by Andi on 13th Jun 2017

    I purchased this powdered deodorant as an alternative to my crystal stone, particularly when traveling. It works as well as my stone, and doesn't cause any irritation. I'm a fan!

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    So far so good!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Dec 2015

    While I know that antiperspirants are unhealthy, I've never found a deodorant that kept the stink away. I don't mind being wet, but I do mind stinking. I can get away with deodorants in winter only because I don't sweat much. Well, this deodorant has been a pleasant surprise. I still need to try it during the summer, but it has held up well even during my workouts. And I love that it only has two ingredients.

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    Great Powder

    Posted by Kristan on 25th Oct 2013

    I have uber sensitive skin and this powder works wonders in that it doesn't give me a rash like most deodorant.