Handmade Soap Lavender

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My customers from Boston remember the soap!  Of how the shop used to smell sooo good!  Well...you guys have been waiting forever to buy soap again!  Wait no more!  It is here:)  I will be replacing this listing with individual listings for each scent as soon as they are photographed...but for now we will get the lisitng up so you dont have to wait to order!  We will be adding lots of fragrances as well:) 

This is true cold process soap!


Basic Ingredients:

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Hemp, Corn, Soybean, Water, Lye

Please do not ask for soap without lye!  You need lye to make soap.  The lye is incorporated into the soap and is the crucial ingredient to saponify the soap.  The lye is no longer present after the saponification process completes.  Some soaps contain fragrance oils and others contain essential oils.  Contact us if you have questions:) 

Bars are 5 oz!  These are not little baby bars that you are paying too much for!