Flavor Infused Coffee Lip Balm

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 Perfectly flavored, tastes like a nice brewed cup of joe

Yummmy .that about sums up the new flavored balms This is my fabulous lip balm with natural flavour and stevia. This is a clear balm no color but colors will be coming The flavor lasts soo long with these and of course it is my fabulous lip balm formula that stays on for hours..yes even if you keep licking your lips hehe I love this stuff

Ingredients:  Organic Apricot Kernal Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Candelilia Wax, Natural flavors


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    Coffee Lip Balm

    Posted by Jennie on 14th Jul 2019

    I love it, and it definitely does smell very much like coffee!

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    Love the smell of coffee!

    Posted by Kara Grady on 10th Apr 2017

    I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste! It is like vanilla extract for me :). This balm is amazing! Coffee scent is very distinct, some other scents are less so. I love warming scents like amber, chocolate, cinnamon etc. Definitely a new favorite! Goodbye any lipsticks or glosses, give yourself an everyday treat and get one of these!

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    Coffee Balm

    Posted by skyegoddess on 11th Jul 2014

    Love these lip balms, they smell terrific and are vegan! As previous reviewers have mentioned, some of them (but not all) are a little grainy at the very top, but they smooth out as you use them and most of the product is just like any smooth lipbalm.

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    Everyone loves a soft supple non-greasy lipbalm!

    Posted by Tina on 26th Mar 2014

    - non-oily - longlasting - 6+ hours - lovely infused flavour