Fix - It Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Spray Sealant and Foundation Hydration Mist in One

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Ingredients:PurifieIngredients:Purified water, Vegetable Gylcerin, Geogaurd ultra, Potassium Sorbated water, Vegetable Gylcerin, Geogaurd ultra, Potassium SorbateSo, MAC thought of this, and I improved it. Fix-It is a natural alternative to keeping your eyeshadow and eyeliner smudge proof and in place all day long, and it doubles as a hydration mist and sealant for your foundation as well. It gives you a foiled look for your shadows that you just won't believe! Fix-It comes in either a 1 oz or 2 oz bottle and has a spray top. Spray both sides of your brush dunk in minerals and apply. As a mist simply mist your face after you are done applying your cosmetics and whenever you would like to feel refreshed during the day. This really sets your makeup for the day and gives a wonderful flawless look to your foundation. This will now allow you to use the shadows and liners in all kinds of cool and fun ways! Think of the possibilities with the colors!

Ingredients: Purified water, Vegetable Gylcerin, Geogaurd ultra ,Potassium Sorbate


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    Fix-It sealant

    Posted by Jennifer on 17th Apr 2021

    This is the one product from this company that I'm kinda "meh" about -- it hasn't done anything bad, but I'm still not sure if it's done anything the regular hydration mist doesn't already do. The price is great, so if you want to try it, your budget won't be mad at you (like some higher priced alternatives, which also are rather "meh"), just not sure if it's really necessary.

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    Posted by Robin on 5th Jan 2020

    I love to use this with loose powder foundation gives a dewy look , I love the ingredient list .

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    Fix-It Makeup Spray

    Posted by Jennie on 14th Jul 2019

    I’ve bought this a couple times now. It sprays pretty evenly, so it’s easy to coat all of your face. It helps my makeup wear and last a bit better.

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    Great for loose eyeshadow

    Posted by Bridget on 2nd May 2019

    I love this for fixing my loose mineral eyeshadow, it stays on ALL DAY. When I used it to prime my foundation my skin looked greasy. I will try again, I just have found I don't really need to prime the foundation because it lasts. I like to spray a bit in my palm, dip my eyeshadow brush, and then get a little bit of eyeshadow on the brush. Blend well! You can create some stunning eye looks with the loose shadows!

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    Posted by Ellie on 25th Feb 2019

    And absolute MUST! For all over the face. This is what glues your 'look' in place to your face, and keeps the powders, etc. from smearing off the the lightest swipe. Depending on how much of a coating you spray on, it may also provide a nice dewy/glowy look. Definitely keeps things from creasing, or flaking off (including dry spots), and helps with 'cakeyness' too. If not for this, my make-up would be blowing off my face in the wind! Primer helps to make everything adhere opaquely, but this keeps outside factors (and even to a point moisture, sweat, tears, napkins, oils, etc.) from removing make-up. When I seal my face with this, I can (gently) rub my hand over my cheek and the finger comes away clean, not covered in foundation. I was most surprised when I was eating a pretty greasy dish (as carefully as possible), and went to drab my mouth clean, that the napkins didn't come away with even a trace of my foundation! Even stands up to nose blowing okay.

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    Posted by J on 4th Sep 2018

    Great product! I used it for a wedding last weekend and my face was flawless through the sweat and heat. This is also good to spray your eye brushes with for more pigmentation

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    Fix it!

    Posted by Amy on 28th Aug 2018

    I love this. There are so many things you can do wit it… I just wish it came in a bigger size as I run out quickly. Bonus points for the dewy glow I was not expecting. Just gorgeous!

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    Love it!

    Posted by Lisa on 3rd Jun 2017

    I spritz this on my face after I am done applying my makeup! It sets very nicely and last till I want to take it off. It feels great to give a little spritz midday just to refresh my skin on those hot, humid days!

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    Awesome product

    Posted by on 10th May 2017

    This really works and makes foundation look even more natural and last. Non irritating. This is liquid gold.