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Empty 20 Gram Jar With Slider Sifter Seal Top

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Each Jar comes with a sifter seal. A 20 gram jar will hold approximately 13 grams of product depending on the weight of the actual ingredients you put in them. This jar holds more than a typical 20 gram jar almost as much as a 30 gram jar. The really cool feature of this jar is that one side of the sifter seal does not have holes and the other side does. You are able to slide the cap into a lock position to keep the powder in the jar after you are done using it and in effect..seal the sifter holes. This is great for a carry around jar as it keeps all the powder from swimming around the jar This listing is for an empty jar. One jar is $2.50. 


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    Empty 20 gram jar with slider sifter seal

    Posted by Samantha on 18th Dec 2022

    These are great! I fill them up with my assorted colors of Glows. I love that they do not spill out into the lid everywhere when I travel with them and I love the sleek profile.... They look good too :)

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    Like that you close the sifter

    Posted by Lisa Gregory on 15th Dec 2021

    The slider lets you shut the powder up for safe transport and shake out the right amount of product. With the black lid on I shake out some powder, then use a brush to get it out of the lid, tapping excess back into the jar. Less mess!

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    Posted by Lisa on 3rd Jun 2017

    This jar works perfect for my mineral powder. I turn it upside down and tap the bottom and the perfect amount is in the lid for my to use. No mess, no fuss!

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    Great for travel

    Posted by Jen on 29th Apr 2015

    I bought these to put all of my powders in since I travel often enough to make the open sifter tops a bit messy. I love having this option available, and bought refills of the products I wanted instead of the original jar. My only complaint is that it can be quite difficult to twist the slider so that all of the holes are open. It usually gets to halfway easily and then gets stuck. Not a huge issue, since I can still get the product out. Maybe there's a trick to it that I'm missing?

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    great little jar

    Posted by Denise Womack on 4th Nov 2014

    I love the empty slider sifter seal top jars I purchased. Great for storing and using my blush and bronzing powder. 20 grams is the perfect size!

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    I love these little jars!

    Posted by Ashley on 29th Sep 2014

    These jars are perfect! Especially if you buy the sample kits; they're perfect for mixing your colors instead of using like a paper plate or something. And, with the sifter you can take it with you wherever you go and not have to worry about the oroduct spilling out everywhere! I plan on buying many more!

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    It's a Jar!

    Posted by Tianna on 7th May 2014

    I works well and i really like the twist-able sifter. It's good for travel and i plan to buy another one in the future!