Vegan Oil Makeup Remover

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Why on earth would you want to put a cleanser on your face that is going to strip all the natural oils out of it to remove your makeup? That is exactly what you are doing when you use an over the counter facial wash. Most of these are made from water SLSs ( think dish soap) and alcohol! All they do is strip your face of its natural oils. We are brainwashed into thinking that if it squeaks, it is clean not true with your face If it squeaks it is crying out. This becomes more important as we age, because the skin is losing its ability to remain elastic and we start to get wrinkles. By keeping your skin hydrated in oils that mimic the skins natural sebum, you will have healthier less wrinkly skin.

Nothing reverses the aging process. there is no magic pill. All we can do is take care of the vessel we are given to the best of our ability. Oil will remove any makeup, yes, including waterproof mascara, (WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT BE USING), that is a soapbox for another day!

How does oil clean you ask? For the same reason the oil in the soap naturally attracts dirt particles. By rinsing your face with a warm washcloth after applying the oil, you are removing the dirt. A little oil left on your face is a good thing. Our Oil Makeup Remover is chock full of skin loving oils. The process is simple:

1. Apply oil to face to remove makeup and dirt.
2. Have a warm washcloth and gently remove the oil from your face. It feels good too! Go ahead, enjoy it, your face will love you for it. Repeat the rinsing as often as needed or desired. It does take a few days to get used to this. You may experience a pimple or two. If you stick with it, you will see glorious results. Everyone we have recommended this to has had nothing but success. If you do not have success, stop, but please give it a little while before you reject it completely. Your face might just thank us for it, we know your future wrinkles will.


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    Vegan Oil Makeup Remover

    Posted by Louise Ryan on 27th Aug 2015

    Does a thorough job. I've been using it for 5 or more years and LOVE IT.

  • 5
    works great

    Posted by Monique Leibee on 1st Dec 2014

    works great and feels even better to know it's not full of yucky chemicals!

  • 5

    Posted by Anna on 19th Oct 2014

    I rarely give five stars for products, but this product is amazing. Firstly, it cleans my skin beautifully,and it gives my skin a glow. I put it on my face before I step into the shower,and wash it off with a soft cloth just before I get out. The steamy warmth of the shower makes the oil/make-up wipe off easily.For the first time in my life I am happy to wear NO foundation, my skin looks clear and glowing.

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    my favorite product from my hull

    Posted by toni Parisi on 31st Jul 2014

    I loved this product. It's only been day two so I can't say that it has or hasn't made me break out, but so far I am noticing it makes my skin feel nourished and not dry and stripped. I use this after my jasmine ANF wash and make up remover. I wear a lot of make up so this extra cleaner really helps get all the make up off. I feel like the Jasmine product isn't the best for me but am loving this product.

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    Works Well

    Posted by Dominique on 15th Jul 2014

    I have never been a big fan of oily make up remover because I personally find it uncomfortable on my skin. But I have been making the change in all my beauty products to more natural ones without toxic chemicals. So I gave this a try and for me, it's not too bad. I only wear make up on my eyes and not my face. It takes the make up off smoothly, but I do wipe the excess oil off with water after I remove my make up. I can still feel some oil residue but it doesn't feel overwhelming to me. I don't think I would be able to use this on my face, but that is more due to personal preference. If oily make up remover is something you are not bothered by, then I am sure you would really like this product.

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    Remove make-up gently

    Posted by Jodi on 29th Mar 2014

    I love this product. It moisturizes my skin while removing difficult make-up like eyeliner and mascara. It never hurts my eyes, either.

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    Love it!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Mar 2014

    Takes off make-up amazingly.

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    Effective and gentle!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2014

    I am so glad i switched from makeup remover cloths to this oil. It is gentle, works well, and doesn't strip your skin. Highly recommended! Oh and a bottle looks like it will last a long time.

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    Feels so good!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Feb 2014

    This oil is thick and feels great when you put it on. I was planning to use it for taking off my makeup as well as a moisturizer. Too bad, I am allergic to something in it so will not be able to use. Try it though! It is well worth your time.