"Try Me" Lipgloss Collection

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You get to choose 5 lip gloss colors and you will get a bonus sample of the clear gloss. The clear gloss is perfect for following up with the lip exfolient included in this listing. Pledase list color choices in the comments section at checkout. Here is a little info on the exfolient:

Like Laura Mer ..you know who''s lip silk? Well, this is a better vegan version of the same thing with no chemicals.

After researching what really works and what should be in a lip exfolient my formula was born. I don''t copy formulas I invent them

Here''s what we have in here and what it does

Organic Raw Turbinado Cane Sugar: Exfolient and source of Glycolic Acid. Active ingredient in Laura M''s.

Organic Jojoba Oil: mimics skins natural sebum deep moisturizer. Non -greasy.

Squalane Oil: This is an awesome wrinkle fighter. I sell and use this alone for that very purpose no better place for it than on your kisser to keep those lip lines at bay very deep intense moisturizer non greasy

White Willow Bark: natural exfolient and contains salicylic acid ( do not use if you have an aspirin allergy) It also is an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, and has analgesic properties. Active ingredient in Laura M''s.

Bamboo: Natural Exfolient. Bamboo soothes and repairs the lips.

Citric Acid: Antioxidant and adjusts skins natural Ph. Natural Sugar exfoliates Active ingredient in Laura M''s

Tangerine Essential Oil for the yummy factor


  • 5
    Try Me Lipgloss collection

    Posted by Kathleen Gotto on 31st Jul 2021

    I love being able to buy small amounts of their products to try out colors. I liked the lipgloss. 5 stars for their products, but because the products are custom, it can take two weeks or so to receive them.

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    Try me lip gloss collection

    Posted by Jennie on 14th Jul 2019

    I liked all the samples I chose. I’m so glad I found The All Natural Face! I have not been disappointed with anything yet!

  • 5
    Lip Gloss Samples

    Posted by Jennifer on 28th Feb 2019

    My favorites out of the samples were the frosted berries, iridescence, sassy cherry and bugless red. I did not like the chocolate kisses because it did not go on as smooth as the other glosses. The coral was okay. I plan to order my favorites in the near future.

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    like the samples, LOVE the lip scuff!

    Posted by Mary Hatch on 10th Feb 2017

    Like all the lip glass samples but LOVE the lip scuff. I use it every day in the morning, then moisturize lips, then put on lip stain, and lip stick or lip gloss. The scuff is absolutely delicious, made of the simplest and best ingredients. Love the All Natural Face products. They are just great!

  • 5
    Great way to try colors

    Posted by Monica on 29th Aug 2016

    I really liked this option of being able to sample several different types and colors of lip glosses. This way you don't end up buying something that the color doesn't look good on you because you got to sample it first. However, I tried several different colors and flavors. I loved every one of them! They go on so smoothly and stay on for a long time. The colors are light enough but have enough tint to the color to blend so well with my skin tone (pretty fair but with a yellow undertone) regardless of whether I use a peach or a pink or the iridescence. And I love the mint infused peppermint icing! It feels smooth and refreshing on my lips like they have healing powers.

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Posted by Amber Parker on 11th Jun 2015

    This lipgloss lasts as long as any other standard lipgloss, but doesn't feel heavy and tacky like so many do. The colors are gorgeous, great pigment, it takes very little to cover your lips with outstanding color. Once it's been there a bit and had time to settle, I can't even tell it's on.

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    Try Me Lipgloss Collection

    Posted by Regina Slaton on 13th Dec 2014

    My daughter and I have enjoyed choosing our favorites. Thanks for your sample collections.

  • 5
    fun vibrant colors

    Posted by Monique Leibee on 1st Dec 2014

    I tried the sample pack to see which colors I liked and really enjoy the product. the colors are vibrant and the gloss is shiny, just what I was looking for. The gloss doesn't last too long, but gloss doesn't last very long for me in general. Love knowing there is no yucky chemicals in there. PS the lip scrub that comes with sample kit is AMAZING!! 3050

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    Amazing colors and great quality

    Posted by Rhonda on 11th Sep 2014

    First off I got free samples of the tangerine lip scrub. Awesome! I found 3 new favorites that I am in love with. Angel kisses which is a really pretty light pink. Normally I dont like that kind of color on myself but it just looked great on. How could I deny it? Then the clear coconut moisturizing one. It smells wonderful and feels amazing on the lips. Its just a clear gloss but it makes my lips look great. And my final favorite was Bugless red. I am not a red lip kinda girl. But I found my perfect red. It looks amazing and natural. I ordered a full size of Glazed strawberries just to see if I would love using it on a daily basis. The prices are great so why not? The samples are a decent size. I was able to make them last several days even with several reapplications a day.