Sun Powder in Sponge Top Jar Applicator

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Sun Powders are all the rage in Asia!  Just like the BB Cream sensation..sun powders are coming to the world.  This is a zinc based powder.  It is in a sponge top applicator jar so it is easy to puff on the face and body.  Convenient to carry with you everyday in a compact little bottle with an applicator top.  Be smart!  Zinc is a physical sun blocking agent.  Apply as often as you need to:)  It goes on silky and soft and doesnt leave a white residue.  After applying rub in gently to avoid white spots.  You dont need a lot:)

Applicator jar and a 30 gram refill baggie included.  note this is not 30 grams of is approximately 10-11 grams of powder...enough to fill a 30 gram foundation jar.

Ingredients:  Mica, Zinc Oxide, Boron Nitride